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Steam on PS5, Xbox or Switch?  Cape Newell recommends big news by 2021 -

Steam on PS5, Xbox or Switch? Cape Newell recommends big news by 2021 –

Steam Can open in Bureau In the future, or at least this seems to be the most popular interpretation after a short and secret sentence Cape Newell In response to a direct question about opening his shop in BS5, Xbox Series X | SE Nintendo Switch.

No need to say much to report Question and Answer, Taken from an interview with Cape New, with the clip seen in the posted video Reddit And visible below. The interviewer asks “steam” Brings games to consoles Or will it be on the computer? “And Cape Newell’s response opens up a lot of interesting perspectives:” You have a good idea about this. By the end of the year. I don’t think the answer is what you expect. “

The current audience is giving it a loud voice Surprise Newell seems a little humorous about this, but in fact a report like this opens up many perspectives and speculations about the future of steam and valve games.

It’s still very vague to predict, but one idea is that Steam can be available on consoles, although the whole list is hard to think of on all platforms, except for one cloud gaming system or something like that.

The expectation of others is the arrival of some Exclusive games Steam, perhaps from the valve, on the consoles. Newell’s response, however, seems to open a door, even to the fact that it presents something unexpected to the public. Announcements Great talent.

Another possibility that is rumored is some integration with the Xbox Game Pass, which will always emerge if combined between different gaming environments, but we will have to wait and see for the next few months. Obviously, by the end of 2021 we will know something about the future of the relationship between steam and consoles.

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