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Cupertino has its first personal goal on Candy Crush - Nert 4. Life

Cupertino has its first personal goal on Candy Crush – Nert 4. Life

In the process in between Apple e epic game First recorded Wrong step Cupertino Company. Apple Witnesses, in fact, failed to play a game Candy Crush Through the browser, iOS refutes their own thesis on how to have no need to have an app to get a better experience.

Witness called by Apple to prove users have no “friction” in using browser and app purchases Lorin hit He was caught by lawyers at the University of Pennsylvania Warden, Epic Games.

Hit, in fact, provided a list of games that can be used carelessly through the browser and through the app, to prove that Epic Games has the opportunity to use web apps to avoid paying if desired. 30% commissions An apple.

Of the many games on the professor list, the 25 games that eventually played the most in the App Store are the worst that can not be used on mobile. They only run through the browser from the desktop. Tests were done on Candy Crush Saga and Clash Royale. In the latter case, moreover, it is explicitly stated that all payment information is managed by Google and Apple, but not by the developer. So, according to Epic lawyers, a player can transact via the App Store and then return to play in the browser.

More than half of the list provided is, in fact, even more exciting than the relevant browser, as pointed out by the witness. Testimony based on a research a Panel of experts The one who made the mistake, let alone an ordinary user who could not trust the “group of 5 business graduates”.

“It was a very simple process when the team and I tried to shop through the browser,” Hit explained to the judge. But, despite this, this testimony seemed like one Positive point In epic games.