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100% Xbox exclusive Starfield, confirmation comes from the most reliable sources - Nert 4.Life

Starfield is halfway between No Man’s Sky and the Outer Wilds, far from the mass effect of a rumor – Nert 4. Life

Starfield Will be somewhere in between There is no human sky e Show externalThan such an experience The overall effect: The user of the reset forum wrote it based on some information that was communicated to him.

According to this source, Starfield will be, as Microsoft has already prepared the ads, which will end in 2021.E3 2021 An official reveals just before the start of an autumn. In fact, many insiders believe.

This user wrote, “Starfield will be attending the event.” “Obviously the game will be more focusedSpace exploration Rather than proposing a science fiction: Think more about something between No Man’s Sky and the Outer Wilds than the Mass Effect. “

The author of the post noted that this information is based on some details recently sent to him by his sources, so it should be taken with a grain of salt, but we will soon find out how things really are.

Really one Official presentation Starfield is set to make its sporting debut later this year, most likely during E3 2021.

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