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Stalker 2 at Microsoft event, GSC Game World clarifies what it will show -

Stalker 2 at Microsoft event, GSC Game World clarifies what it will show –

Stalker 2 Cited as one of the topics presented at the Microsoft presentation dedicated to indie games on March 26, it was enough to immediately raise the wait for security levels, considering how much of the game in question is being monitored, which is why the team’s clarity is interesting GSC Game World In actual inventory and materials Video Is expected.

Obviously, there won’t be an actual game video: despite Microsoft’s message, it generally talks about the “trailers and games” associated with the many games that need to be delivered. Xbox Series X | S. And PC and even Stalker 2, there seems to be no real video material taken from the game.

With the message conveyed in the tweet below, the group explains that they want to make a post Video behind the scenes In the development of STALKER 2, with the idea of ​​spreading it 23 March, Which marks the 14th anniversary of the series, and then reiterated it during a presentation on March 26th.

The video in question may contain various interventions from developers, which usually talk about the series and the new episode, but do not seem to show the real thing Game Clips, According to information from GSC Game World, avoids feeding to exaggeration for no reason.

With the questionable news, the developers have also spread Three works of art As you can see below, this is always about new products scheduled for March 26th. Xbox Series X | We already talked about Stalker 2 earlier this month with new details about the zone, single player and mod on the S.

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