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Square Enix announces the rebirth of Final Fantasy VII, the second installment of the remake - News

Square Enix announces the rebirth of Final Fantasy VII, the second installment of the remake – News

Well, those who have difficulty swallowing gaps and freedoms Final Fantasy 7 remake Taken with the story of the original cult game will be at their expense: Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Yoshinori Kidas has even more options to surprise fans who know the game mentally, while at the same time being called the Gateway. “Instead of thinking about the past, we should think about the future“, Suggests the lake in its infinite wisdom, while the images all begin to roll through the cloud freed from Mitkar’s deformed enclosure. Final Fantasy 7 remake.

Also, between wandering around like an ally with Zebroth blonde and the intriguing response of a Tiffany who is just as confused as us, the trailer delights in blurring the tracks and never failing to be interpreted by them. Shot by these fans who have been sniffing Macau for 25 years.

Directed by Naoki Hamaguchi, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth So the remake will be the second game of the trilogy Final Fantasy 7, Square Enix is ​​presented as a separate game at the end of each episode. Its release is expected a few months after the PlayStation 5 at the end of 2023. Final Fantasy16 On the same platform, if Square Enix teams are ready to meet their deadline. In this case, it looks like 2023 already has some cards on hand to make an appearance.

Ultimate Fantasy 7 Rebirth is designed to make people enjoy this game whether they know it or not. In fact, new players will enjoy starting their final Fantasy 7 journey with Final Fantasy 7 Rebuild. Cloud and his friends are embarking on a new journey in this game, and I hope the scenes they see after leaving the midfield will give players a new and original experience.Says Creative Director Tetsuya Nomura.

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The development of the final Fantasy 7 rebirth has progressed rapidly since we adopted a new development framework. This kind of title is really rare as everything is interconnected even before production starts. In fact, some development on the third topic has already begun. I myself have been starting to grow and working towards the end of the series“, He adds.