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Speedest Plus is available nationwide for all cable customers

Speedest Plus is available nationwide for all cable customers

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Now all cable customers across the country are offered a two-phase Speedest Plus. It has already been launched in 2018 in North Rhine-Westphalia, Hessey and Baden-Wம்பrttemberg for customers of the UnityMedia cable brand acquired by Vodafone. Now, after a long migration and testing phase, Vodafone Cable customers can use the service in 13 other federal states.

Speedest Plus measures in two stages and provides tips for optimization

With Speedest Additionally, cable customers can measure internet speeds from the cable connection. Additionally, a device such as a PC or tablet can determine the speed at which a cable connection can be used via WLAN. According to Vodafone, various parameters are taken into account when analyzing measurement data. Once the analysis is complete, cable customers receive personalized assistance, such as tips on how to improve their home WiFi network.

Often the old end device used by the customer is an obstacle that prevents the optimal use of the frequencies coming to the cable connection. This is especially true for internet connections up to 1 speed Gbit / s Case. Vodafone already provides such gigabit connections to 22 million cable homes nationwide. To use gigabit speeds, the used notebook, for example, must have a gigabit LAN interface if connected via a network cable.

With the measurement of incoming frequencies in the cable connection and the end devices used

In the first step, the speed test measures the connection from the Vodafone server to the customer’s device. If the result deviates from the booked fee, the second phase takes place. In the second stream, the actual line coming to the customer’s Internet modem is measured. This determines whether there is bandwidth control. If the cable connection comes at full speed, there should be speed issues with the end devices used by the customer.

This is the result of Vodafone Speedest Plus. However, such speeds are generally not achieved via WLAN connections.© Vodafone Germany

It should be noted that if the speed measurement is performed via WLAN instead of the network cable or if several mobile devices are connected to the router during the measurement, the measurement results will be distorted quickly. The browser used will also have an impact on the measurement results.

Speedest Plus is now available as an app on Apple TV

Speedest Plus is now also available as an app on Apple TV. Speedest Plus will be offered on other platforms in the future. Speed ​​testing is actively used by customers. By December 2020, Vodafone customers will have undergone 4,000 speed tests per hour. There have been more than two million trials per month in the last few months.