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Empire Age IV: Special gaming mode for low hardware requirements

Special gaming mode for low hardware requirements

The new ‘Age of Empire IV’ will be released on October 28, 2021, and can run on even less powerful hardware, thanks to better modified mode.

Microsoft has announced that the game will come with “Min Spec Mode” which will allow the game to play smoothly even with the Intel HD Graphics 520. The integrated graphics unit of the Core i5-6300U and other Intel CPUs is not actually designed to play current or older games. With the popular “The Witcher 3” already over six years old, IGP does not manage a standard of 15 frames per second at 1024 x 768 resolution, so it’s unplayable.

However, for Age of Empire IV, Microsoft has programmed Renderer to be better developed for lower resolution and integrated graphics units so that the game can play smoothly on PCs and notebooks with lower graphics performance. However, users should use a much lower resolution system, simplified lighting and less destroyed objects. Additionally, multiplayer games in this mode are limited to four instead of eight players.

Nevertheless, the developers believe that more than half of the players have to back up on weak hardware, so they prefer such a mode instead of playing the game on a powerful desktop computer.

For standard mode in Lowe’s, the graphics card requires an AMD Radeon HD7950 or Nvidia GTX 760. Anyway, at least eight gigabytes of RAM.

Empire Age IV: Special gaming mode for low hardware requirements

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