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Space, SpaceX Crew Dragon 2 is ready to launch

Space, SpaceX Crew Dragon 2 is ready to launch

Everything is ready for SpaceX’s Crew Dragon 2 mission, the second operator of NASA’s Crew business program with astronauts. The Falcon 9 is already at the launch site of the Cape Canaveral base in Florida (USA) to bring 4 astronauts into orbit on the ISS, of which the European astronaut is flying for the first time in the project. ‘Esa Thomas Basket of the French Nation. The spacecraft with the basket includes NASA Shane Kimbero and Megan McArthur and Japanese Akihiko Hosheid Americans. The release is currently on Thursday 22nd April 22 at 06.11 local time in Italy at 12.11.

During today’s pre-launch conference, NASA and SpaceX’s mission managers confirmed that they were ready. Steve Stitch, manager of the Kennedy Space Center’s business team program, said: “We’re going to get started. Despite concerns about more winds blowing down the curve,” both Thursday and Friday release times are better than Friday. ” We have another conference tomorrow and we will decide when is the right time to make a decision, “Stitch said in a statement from NASA.

The SpaceX Crew 2 mission has been operating at the International Space Station for six months. This is the second launch of the Elon Musk spacecraft, the second European to complete this prestigious role after the Italian Luca Bermidano. The French Basket is in charge of the commander-in-chief. Frank de Vinne, President of the European Space Agency and head of the European Space Agency’s ISS program, stressed that the launch was “just the beginning of other missions that will see a European astronaut departing from the Kennedy Space Center.” While Baskett is in the ISS in the role of commander, European Matthias Moore will also land at the station, which will then be the turn of the Italian Samantha Cristoboretti.

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