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Soviet Dystopia for All: The Kickstarter Campaign in Peripetia is a Success

There are still eight days Kickstarter campaign To Peripheral, But the target of 10,000 euros was achieved A long time has passed. First-person roll-flaming based on Soviet dystopia with cyberpunk elements is very popular among athletes. Some milestones, including this one, are still pending Voice acting of important characters Within the game. The title should be In the coming year For PCs and consoles, incl Nintendo Switch, Appear.

You are accompanying in the work of the contract killer Mary, who was cybernetically modified by the Unity Republic of Poland. In the dark dystopia, various divisive groups of different ideologies go in search of the knowledge and weapons of the old association. Which side you choose in the destructive race is yours.

Perispedia follows in the footsteps of well-known first-person roll-flaming classics such as Deuce X, Stalker or System Shock. In a world that is considered desolate, it is important to find your place. You determine how you reach your goals and how many corpses you accumulate in the process. The first trailer for the developer’s first project 9th Exodus We have added you below the text.

Are you going to monitor peripetia?

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