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Sona, Single Player E Mod Su Xbox Series X |  S -

Sona, Single Player E Mod Su Xbox Series X | S –

It comes back to talk about Stalker 2, The new and anticipated episode of the particular hybrid FPS, with some Official details The GSC Game World PR Manager also mentioned the opportunity to watch among others mod su Xbox Series X | S..

Jager Bocharov, PR Manager The development team, by intervening in the podcast, is able to gather some information in Russian entirely, but thanks to the gaming sim translation, which is rather interesting for many who are waiting for the arrival of STALKER 2, although with brief points but some more details are still vague.

According to reports, GSC Game World also wanted to use the new X-ray engine for the new episode, but it was too dated to be upgraded even in a profitable way. After testing various software, the developers finally settled down Unreal engine.

Apparently, The Mode support Considering the importance of community representation for the first episode, it is highly regarded by the team. For this reason, the developers Xbox Series X | They are also evaluating the possibility of adding support for mods in the S, although there is no definitive information on this yet.

PR Manager promised to be STALKER 2 Standard Initially, the first chapter went through significant long-term optimization and enrichment after the original release. Organization Life simulation A life in the new chapter has become “more subtle and detailed”. Many interactions between factions, creatures and NPCs are said to take place regardless of whether the player is around or not, thus creating a particularly alive world.

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A-Life 2.0 Achieves a different level of performance. We will focus more on this as we approach the exit. It’s a very good organization and it’s proud to show up. “

Such a system apparently enriches the open world at the base of STALKER 2, especially set in a dynamic and vibrant world. Over there Zone It will provide “a non-linear story with a large number of plot splits leading to different results”. Storytelling is conducted through the GSC Game World and the opening up of a world represented by the region. The Single player It is considered to be the basic element that builds the game.

Stalker 2 is a dedicated PC and Xbox Series X from day one on the Xbox Game Boss | Note that S and we saw this in more detail with the first gameplay trailer last December.

STALKER 2 offers back zone: a large open environment