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Solve spelling 3D puzzles in The Lost Cube

Solve spelling 3D puzzles in The Lost Cube

Scheduled for PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Switch this year

Espoo, Finland – April 7, 2021 – Improx Games is proud to announce it The last cube, His puzzle adventure game, will be released this year on PC, Switch, Xbox and PlayStation. Immerse yourself in the heart of continual dream landscapes, where it is yours to lift the veil over a mysterious extraterrestrial civilization.

The last cube An intriguing puzzle game that involves guiding a cube through a plethora of rooms, while at the same time trying to unravel the mysteries of a strange and sad world. Explore a wide range of brutal structures, from dark abysses to repressive volcanic factories, to rugged terrain bathed in the sun’s golden rays. Boasts an epic soundtrack that adds depth to this elusive atmosphere, and a brief story of a world on the brink of destruction, The last cube A mysterious puzzle game that will completely immerse you in its abandoned world.

Each level The last cube Provides a type of sticker to hang on one side of your cube, thus bringing out the original game dynamics. Some will create temporary stairs, while others will allow you to cross barriers, teleport to basement pits, or temporarily summon your heavy friends. Finding the right position to stick precious stickers on the right surface of your cube can sometimes prove a fun simplicity, sometimes proving radical masochism, while at the same time creating hundreds of puzzles for you The last cube. New dynamics are gradually being introduced to quickly develop the full potential of your cube.

Finishing each room can be a challenge, which can only be won by the most relentless players if they discover the sheer amount of collections and bonuses hidden throughout their journey in The Lost Cube. Can you follow the different paths left by your ancestors and save this world from collapse?

“We have identified audiences who share with us the fascination for puzzle games. The last cube Max Samarin, art director of Improx Games, says that with some original dynamics, it brings exactly that kind of experience. You may have played a lot of cube games in your childhood, but none of them are like that The last cube. Aside from the puzzle aspect, this is a cosmic adventure in a mysterious alien world that will amaze players. “

Players who want to try The last cube Go to its Steam page and download a demo that provides an overview of the different puzzles and dynamics created in the final version of the game.