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PAC-Man 99 is the Royal War debut on the Nintendo Switch

PAC-Man 99 is the Royal War debut on the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has announced the launch of the PAC-Man99, A new multiplayer game For a switch The famous yellow ball played eats monsters.

The title, it will be Nintendo Switch is included in the online subscriptionThe hybrid will land on the console today, April 7, at 3 p.m. Perfect Battle Royale style, So 99 users will collide in the PAC-Man arena with the aim of defeating all enemies, for example Power Pellets that can inflict monsters, send destructive back-man jammers to eat them and destroy other players.

You can exploit PAC-MAN 99 to get the best out of your opponents Eight different strategies Should be used at the most opportune moment of war beforehand. And then confirmed the possibility Buy additional content in the game It opens with classic PAC-man methods and Namco themes, based on Galaga, Tick Tuck and more.

Note that the Nintendo Switch Online, in addition to discounts and exclusive products, provides access to the multiplayer of games at your disposal and allows you to store data via the cloud. The service costs 99 3.99 per month and up to, 19.99 per year.

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