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Solar storm, internet is in danger all over the earth: Experts opinion

Interruptions in a series of radio waves on the Indian subcontinent. But what effects can a solar storm of exceptional power have?

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If it had been a sci-fi movie, it would have brought Armageddon. In the real world, lumbering elephants are exposed by the aggression of speeding midgets. 6, brings very close effects, but, in some ways, is equally apocalyptic. On October 9, a cloud of highly electromagnetic charged particles was thrown by the sun towards the earth coming from the solar electromagnet. Located in the AR2882 region of our star. I.e., in front of the Earth’s globe. At supersonic speeds with the possibility of approaching the Earth’s atmosphere from October 11 to 12, experts’ estimates have taken a day or two to travel.

In practice, a solar storm can, according to experts, pose a serious problem to an essential component of our society. In fact, the future of the Internet is in jeopardy. Lightning already “captured” Solar Dynamics Laboratory Della NASA Moreover, according to experts, it has already ionized our planet’s atmosphere, causing the first inconvenience. I.e., a short-wave radio obscurity in the Indian subcontinent. The result is a sudden drop in frequencies traveling below 25 MHz. Especially problems with aircraft and ships and equipment at domestic frequencies.

Solar storm, what a danger in Europe

Only India was the first to handle the problem. Over the next few hours, even up to New York, the solar storm will cause magnetic aurora across the planet. Knowing that the sun is about to enter its maximum activity, experts are trying to estimate the effects, which is the solar maximum, It occurs in eleven years of its cycle. Technically, therefore, we are not faced with anything new. These types of storms are often emitted by the Sole, but, more often than not, they are events with no effects. However, in the course of history some more serious chapters have been reported. Also, if a solar storm reaches the equator, the catastrophe for technological devices will be in a corner.

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For example, in 1859, the so-called Hurricane Carrington created the northern lights of historical proportions and the telegraph interruption of more than half a day. In earlier times, even more cases were documented. Compared to a few centuries ago, preventive measures such as submarine cables were followed between the United States and Europe. Galileo GPS satellite system It is highly resistant to this type of shock. It is clear that a storm of extreme power can have unpredictable consequences. The total blackout of all the electrical functional equipment on earth is staggering. In addition to any inconvenience to any other means equipped with aircraft and electrical equipment. There is danger.