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Soapbox: An oat for the 3DS, Nintendo's workhorse console

Soapbox: An oat for the 3DS, Nintendo’s workhorse console

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Soapbox features allow our personal writers to express their own opinions on hot topics that should not be the voice of the site. In this piece, the former official Nintendo press employee Kate Gray Explains why 3DS always holds a special place in its heart …

Some remember where they were when they learned of the assassination of President JFK. I can not tell you where I was when JFK was shot, but most of the time I was not born, so I did not see the news at the time, but I Can Tell me where I was when the Nintendo 3DS first came out.

It’s midnight on March 25, 2011, in the city of Exeter, where I studied at the university. It was cold and dark, and I got out of my fantastic bed to be here – my first midnight release. My first midnight Nothing, To be honest, because to get out of bed and go to the shops at midnight, you have to really care about something, or be really hungry. For me, it was earlier.

My old, crushed D.S. I traded the Lite 3DS (at Aqua Blue) for 55, which seemed like the awesome thing I had As always Is entitled. To date, this is one of the best investments I ‘ve ever made, and it’s next to a hot-water bit: I’m driven that little piece of plastic to death, and it’s still kicking in when I trade it back into a new Nintendo. 3DS a few years later.

Nintendo 3DS© Nintendo Life

Nearly ten years later, the Nintendo 3DS was finally taken out of production. It’s not like you can never get your hands on it again – a search on eBay is changing More than 4,000 results For “3DS”, and until the middle of this year Nintendo’s own stats contain a family of 3DS consoles A total of 75.87 million units were sold. These little guys are everywhere. Like the mice in New York, you should not be more than six feet from a Nintendo 3DS.

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Unlike Rats in New York, 3DS made me and millions of other people very happy. From the moment you open it, until you run it again Animal trafficking: Fresh leaf Before release New horizons, I have never had the worst moment with Nintendo’s click-hinged handheld. My first experience with A.R., if you remember all those little cards that came with the original console – I remember showing my mom that there were little balloons around the room where you could shoot. personally Discovered the developed reality. The trick wore out quickly, but what a trick it was.

Finding that the 3DS is no longer developed is similar to moving out of the house for the first time. You know this is great, don’t you? You know things change and die, and the more the world moves, the better for it. But deep down, It doesn’t feel right. You want to stay in a world of comforting memories and tender, non-threatening nostalgia. I want to run the 3DS for generations and appreciate how good it was.

Nintendo 3DS© Nintendo Life

not that To That’s good. It could have been a portable console with a clean technical idea – 3D without glasses! Wow! – But I have 500 words to say about how much I loved this console, I only Just Mentioning 3D goes a long way in proving how 3D can sell a lot less than it originally sold.

What makes 3DS better is innovation, creativity, Is different Games that no one else released at the time. I have one A lot Takes this hot. I can tell you that 3DS (and DS, which shares many common features) is somewhat responsible for how good mobile games can be, because it (released a few months ago, with the iPad) was highly productive touch screen games Cold.

I can tell you that it helped to revolutionize the indie games scene, because with the huge popularity of 3DS, you can get your comedy game in the hands of everyone under the age of 30 who was playing at the time. I can tell you for sure that 3DS is one of the most influential consoles for describing games, because creators and developers find instant viewers of pocket-sized stories because the console has a wide range.

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Nintendo 3DS© Nintendo Life

There were games on the 3DS that were only available on the 3DS at the time: Zero Escape, Ace Lawyer, Professor Layton. It’s no coincidence that many of these games were heavy on story and puzzles because the 3DS (again, like the DS) sold almost like a book – something you could carry on a train or bus, with games you could play in short bursts. In fact, I actually played a DS game 100 classic books On my 3DS, I can try to read Shakespeare’s works in full on a small screen. I … do not recommend it.

But, in my opinion, at least, the 3DS was popular, successful, and amazing because it was marketed Everyone. This ensures that Nintendo’s bad gender-free marketing is not inclusive and no one realizes it Excluded. Someone who thought as a teenager that PlayStations and Xbox weren’t targeting me because they always marketed only loudly, with games I didn’t want to play, Nintendo is As always It felt like a safe haven.

In fact, 3DS was mostly Sold especially on women and girls – In a kind of icky, host way, I wouldn’t lie – but no other console manufacturer cares as much as I admit I don’t either. Over there. I bought a 3DS because anyone could make a rice cooker or a new pillow, as I wished. Initially, it was not advertised as something I like Because I’m a girl, or something I do not like Because I am a woman. This is … Was.