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Engine software will be happy to chat with Sooda 51 about a Killer 7 switchboard

Engine software will be happy to chat with Sooda 51 about a Killer 7 switchboard

Earlier this week, No more heroes And No more heroes 2: Desperate struggle Announced to Nintendo Switch.

Once the word spread that engine software Behind the switch boards – The same company that brought Worship-Success Action-Adventure Killer7 To PC In 2018, fans began to think about the possibility of it being released on Nintendo’s hybrid platform.

VP is the owner and developer of the Nintendo Life Engine software. To encapsulate the knowledge of the software – a switch version No. In works right now, but if the hot 51 wants to change it, talented port experts are happy to ask.

“As far as we know a Killer 7 Switch version is not currently working. We have not discussed this with Sooda-chan. But who knows what the future may bring? Scott Pilgrim, TOCS4 and Ys IX But if Sooda-chan wants to work with us again, we will always ask!”

It follows from a report by Root Nintendo Life in August that it explains how the Nintendo Switch version of the Killer 7 was “never” in development under engine software.

It was never in development. When we started working with Suda-chan on the PC version, it was a discussion that was going on during development, but like I said – in the end, it was decided not to work on the switch version. But since this was part of the initial discussion, it was still internally listed as the “Killer 7 – PC / Switch Project”, which is where the confusion came from. “

So, what can we take away from all of this? Again – machine software No. Currently working on Killer 7 port for Switch. If there is a port in development, it means that this company is not involved. If such a port No. In works (yet) and the Hota 51 again wants to integrate with the engine software, which is a pleasure to listen to “of course”.

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