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SMITE: Season 9 release date on PTS console and how to download it to PC

SMITE: Season 9 release date on PTS console and how to download it to PC

SMITE SMITE fans can now download Season 9 PTS on PC, and the developers have released an update on the release date of the public testing server for the console on the PlayStation and Xbox.

Cam has a lot to look forward to in this new episode. It comes with many new Got Skins like Miss Miss Nike and Devil Punk Da G, and it starts the season pass for 2022.

And one of the new gods announced in February this year is Almighty Shiva.

How to get SMITE PTS on console for Xbox and PlayStation

PlayStation and Xbox players can get SMITE PTS on their console. SMITE Season 9 PTS for the console is scheduled for a January 8 or 9 release date.

While this is not guaranteed to happen, the game’s official Twitter account says it hopes to release the public testing server for other sites by the weekend of January 5th. High-Res Studios’ Reddit Thread also released links to get the keys needed for the PlayStation NA and the EU and Xbox.

The developers have promised that more information will be shared in the future. We will update this article when this information becomes available.

How to download SMITE Season 9 PTS?

You can download and play SMITE Season 9 PTS is now on the system via Steam.

To install a public test server, follow these steps:

  • Open SMITE on Steam
  • Select the hyperlink and click here in the notification box above Play SMITE
  • Start downloading the test server client
  • Find the game listed in your library as SMITE – General Test.
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These instructions are courtesy of Hi-Rez Studios.

Release Notes

Patch notes for the new episode of the game have been shared.

One of the most important details is the new mode and the new slash map. You can now play it on PC via PTS or wait for its full release on January 25th.