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Das Cover zu Super Smash Bros. Ultimate mit vielen Figuren, darunter Mario und Link.

Smash Brothers: Nintendo eSports bless the competition

Panda is one of the Nintendo and eSports team Collaboration eSports announced that the competition will be officially supported by the developer on “Super Smash Bros.” To be produced. Since Nintendo has traditionally had a very tense relationship with sports, this move comes as a huge surprise to the martial arts community.

Nintendo vs eSports

“Super Smash Brothers” though. Its various replicas have been one of the most popular fields of fighting games for many years, but Nintendo has already banned the game several times.

eSports enthusiasts also like to use modified versions of games that benefit from a technical perspective. Nintendo generally rejects such changes in its own products, and unlike other developers, has practically ignored the eSports display for its own title. So both sides are not in the best terms. The community still could not believe the news. Happy reactions are mixed with suspicion and caution.

Officially licensed tournaments

Finally, however, a solution to this conflict seems to have been found. Panda and Nintendo have announced the officially licensed Pro circuit for “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” and “Super Smash Bros. Melee” in North America in 2022. It’s supposed to be a “short” series at first, maybe Nintendo will see this as a field test. Nothing is known about dates and prize money.