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A screen shot updates us on the release

A screen shot updates us on the release

The Training adventures proposed by Life Strange Series Welcomes a new entry this year, thanks to the introduction of the video game Life is weird: true colors.

Already on PC and Sony and Microsoft consoles, Epic Alex On the other hand, it is still waiting Nintendo Switch. However, very soon, fans will be able to discover the secrets of Haven Springs on the hybrid console of the Kyoto Giant. This is officially confirmed by the Development Committee Tech Nine, With the update you can find below this message.

In a tweet, Software House confirmed the Nintendo Switch version Life is weird: true colors Ready to publish in digital format to In early December. At this time, the exact release date has not yet been announced, but the authors hope to be able to contact it exactly in the next few weeks. At the same time as its announcement, pre-orders will also be opened Life is weird: true colors In the Nintendo eShop. To celebrate this news, Deck Nine has released a new message Screenshot Taken from the port, it depicts Alex’s face.

While waiting for the game to land on the Nintendo Switch, we remind you that you can already find it on the pages of Everyi. life in Life Strange: True Colors, Written by our Gabriel Larino.