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Smart Washing Machine: Samsung wants contacts, location and more

Smart Washing Machine: Samsung wants contacts, location and more


Curiosity: The washing machine asks for contacts before use

Samsung smart washing machines require more data than you think.

Photo: Getty Images / Michael Williams

10.07.2021 – 11:33

Contacts, Location and Camera Access – A smart washing machine from Samsung will take a lot before you use it.

South Korean joint venture Samsung is known for its innovative software and hardware. But is innovation always user friendly? Rarely possible. The latest has only been on the web for a few days Smart washing machine Developer and accompanying application.

Smart Washing Machine: Samsung wants your data

Many Samsung apps require their users to access contacts, location and camera. The company does not stand for operating applications for any smart devices. Customers have been annoyed for years. On Wednesday, however, a Reddit user resumed the discussion – with his smart washing machine.

“My washing machine will not run if I do not have access to my contacts, my location and my camera”, Writes u / Thundertech42 In his contribution. The user has attached an image showing the software requesting access to the smartphone’s phone functionality.

Another member of the site added, “This application is meaningless.” “It asks for fake permissions for phone, camera, contacts, location (anything you need to track your life), and then closes when you refuse permission for one of them. What’s the use of an app? What if I let it spy?”

Why does Samsung “need” this information?

Live smart Desire obviously causes harm. What other access rights do I have for my camera if my camera use comes to a company like Samsung anyway? His Frequently Asked Questions The company writes that it should facilitate the access registration process. But apparently no one is wise enough to make this claim.

In smart washing machines, the safest way seems to be simple, Smart kitchens And do without like.

Source: Reddit, Wise, Samsung

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