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Live IRL - Nerdu 4. Streamer attacked by a group of drunks during life

Live IRL – Nerdu 4. Streamer attacked by a group of drunks during life

Low streamer Traction There was Polish mlodyo Attacked By a group of drunks for a while Direct IRL (In real life). Ours was walking the streets of Warsaw when the crime took place. The reason for the attack was that he was live with his phone. Fortunately he was able to escape from his attackers and no damage was done.

I live stream IRL Twitches have always been very complex due to the nature of the twitches. Going around cities or public places can always set aside some surprises because not everything that happens can be controlled because the Japanese streamer is well aware of being expelled from a place that does not tolerate foreigners.

After the clip appeared with the attack on Melody, the Texerto website contacted him to get a version of his facts: “I was in a place in Warsaw where everyone was drunk. They (the attackers) were arguing, and I was ten meters away. They frantically looked at my phone and what I was recording.

He tried to explain to the trio that he was only seen live and that they were not recorded, but they attacked him anyway. A woman from the group tried to save him, but the trio, armed with pepper spray, climbed on his heels, giving him a few push-ups and spraying him with leg spray. Fortunately, there is no more significant damage than this, and ours is a little off.

Watch the clip of the attack andate su Twitch.