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Final Fantasy 16 will probably not be on TGS 2021, English dubbing over -

Final Fantasy 16 will probably not be on TGS 2021, English dubbing over –

During the producer’s most recent stream letter dedicated to Final Fantasy 14, some details about the next major episode of Square Enix Saga have been revealed. Producer Noki Yoshida said the setting and plot Final Fantasy16 Are defined, unchanged, and the English dub is almost fully recorded. Unfortunately, according to Yoshida, Final Fantasy 16 will not appear Tokyo Game Show 2021 (September 30 – October 3).

This information came from a translation made by Final Fantasy XIV Discord Channel. Some translators on Twitter pointed out what Yoshida said in Japanese during the live stream. Apparently the producer has plans Show Final Fantasy 16 “When it’s ready”.

As you can see for yourself below, the Square Enix scope seems to show the game very well Quality “I want to buy this game!” At first glance. However, the development of Final Fantasy 16 continues well.

We remember it Final Fantasy16 The same group of Final Fantasy 14 is in development at Creative Business Unit III. The new chapter is an action RPG. The game is highly anticipated by Westerners, while the Tales of Rice Final Fantasy 16 and Breath of the Wild 2 are much more anticipated in Japan.

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