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Smart TVs are changing completely: in a very short period of time they will be dependent only on the smartphone

Goodbye Remote Control: Now the smartphone is a worthy alternative –

The remote control, after seventy years of job change, can be retired, instead of something more comfortable and intelligent. Note: Never go out without it.

Goodbye Remote Control: Now the smartphone is a worthy alternative –

A new beginning is coming in the field of smart TV, but it will not change the screen, but another small object, but so far inevitable: the remote control. It will not change, but will be replaced by our smartphone. One of the most anticipated features of these devices, the centerpiece of everyday life, is really coming Also in Italy Thanks to Google. News, in fact, does not care about all televisions but only the existing ones Android TV Oh Google TV. One can use one based on this novelty Android smartphone as a remote control Of TV. There was already a remote control switching utility, but it was the paid version, so the free version was halved, or you had to wait for ads to pop up every time you change the channel. It would be nice No Android smartphone, No Android TV or Google TV. The phone can be used, thanks to its wide range Schermo Touch, Likes both Keyboard Like it Touchpad, and comfort will not be lost on sofa cushions. We can by phone Enter passwords Access to streaming sites, Enter the text Search the entire keyboard, a movie, TV series or any other content without having to do it by letter. At the moment, all of this is done very uncomfortably and tiring via the TV remote control. With a smartphone, we can do impossible things with a simple remote control: for example Copy and paste The name of an image that a friend sent in a chat, without us writing, and many more.

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How to conveniently turn your smartphone on the remote control

It is not known when this functionality will be available, but it is expected soon that it will only take a few taps on the screen to turn the smartphone into a remote control of a smart TV. Pull down the center of the center Quick tests And press the pencil, which is the icon that allows you to customize this area. At that time Android will show us all the quick controls available and we will see one with themRemote control icon. Clear than that! We have to press the small remote control and drag it to the quick control area, it will be very comfortable for us in any position we want. At this point, when we want to use the smartphone as a remote control for the TV, all we have to do is Touch the remote control icon. With a smartphone we can:

  • Check the playback
  • Turn the TV on and off
  • Navigate to the interface
  • Enter text with the phone keyboard
  • Turn the volume up and down
  • Activate Google Assistant

Smartphone as a remote control: When will this function come to Italy

Third-party version of remote control on smartphones –

This new feature is already active in the United States and is coming “Within a few weeks“In 14 more countries, Italy included. For now, however, the date is uncertain:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • India
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • England
  • Spain
  • Swiss
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So will it say goodbye to the remote?

Large-scale extension of possibilities for use Any Android smartphone As a remote control Any Android TV It changes everything and opens up more possibilities: in the future, there may be televisions Sold without remote control. Being environmentally friendly (using fewer materials to load or produce less batteries, less plastic work) this solution would be more convenient for another problem: family. You know, fights for remote control are the order of the day. Now everyone with a smartphone will own and argue about the constant change of channels, even if the TV immediately recognizes the “remote control” that enables it.