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Amazon Prime: Free games for October will be great

Amazon Prime: Free games for October will be great

When it comes to video games, we know Leaks are on the agenda. Like today’s game related to free Amazon Prime games coming in early October. This list was released by Vario 64, which may be one of the most trusted insiders in the whole scene. We say it without fear of being proven wrong. Lots of list of games, With the recently released Independent or Dual A games transforming the best Triple A of the most recent invoice, very attractive.

According to Wario 64, the list of new Amazon Prime games is very rich. In fact, it passes Alien: Isolation, Gostrunner and Star Wars: Timeless classics and adaptations of film rights to Squadrons. Let’s look at the list, With its customers (where it does not steam below) deliver a little below:

  • Star Wars: Legions (origin)
  • Alien: Isolation (EGS)
  • Gostrunner (GOG)
  • Horror song
  • Red Wings: Aces of the sky
  • Blue fire
  • Secret Files3
  • Whiskey & Zombies: The Great Southern Zombie Escape
  • The little robots were recharged

If confirmed, October could be the richest month when it comes to Amazon Prime games. With great games like Star Wars: Squadrons and Alien: Isolation, for example, there are independent and non-independent gems. Gostrunner e Red Wings: Aces of the Sky. So, considering what is included in the subscription for gamers can expect a better month for gamers who can recover beautiful titles at practically no cost. The e-commerce giant.

Apparently the same list has not yet been confirmed. We’ll find out in a few days. So, for now, we invite you to pick up this list with a piece of salt. We will keep you updated as more news and updates arrive, so stay tuned Domin hardware for all the news and announcements in the tube.

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