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Small apps to download

Small apps to download

Just landed on earth TikTok Other applications are already emerging. They may not be strong TikTokBut they depict how social platforms are changing in 2022. Overview of mobile apps to discover (or rediscover), but especially to download!

who are you
Should have heard, not seenThis is the text of the application done France who are you, launched in early May this year. Conceived by two French women Ariane Lambropoulos And Anna Bontemps, the app is specifically aimed at Gen-Z. His offer? Allow this generation to be exposed to current events and causes close to their hearts. Specifically, users are invited to answer surveys or participate in collaborative activities around their favorite causes. The ideal? Encourage youth to influence themselves positively.

application BeRealResistanceinstagram It is considered to be a social network from France. The app sends a notification at a different time every day. Fans have 2 minutes to take a random photo and share it with their friends. A way to be more authentic. Work 9 to 5 in front of a computer? Snap. At the grocery store without a mask? Snap. In the middle of a climbing session? Snap. The random and “little panic” effect seems to have enchanted many users since its release in 2020. It is thanks to its contempt. instagram ThatAlexis BareotThe creator of the app decided to launch the latter.

Difference of opinion
A bit like a replica Reddit, Difference of opinion Integrates user-friendly text, video and audio messaging for multiple users under one interface. On stage, a big hit Gamers, has grown from 3 million subscribers in 2016 to over 250 million in 2019! Its greatest success is based on the ease of creating virtual trading programs that can be managed by professionals. Everyone can set up their own private room and invite their friends for a quiet chat. During the first imprisonment, Difference of opinion He even left the world game Help teachers create virtual classes for free! Today, we see a wide range of communities and subjects on the platform. Like a little traction – Not only that Gamers!

What if we do Polyworking On the contrary Networking? This is what the social network offers as its mission Polyworkestablished Peter Johnson (created by Listable/Cal) and launched in 2020. According to him, LinkedIn An aged site (typically, it is 20 years behind the tie!) and contains the same elements as a CV, does not reveal anything about the true qualities of a talent. Polywork It wants to eliminate the professional network by exploiting its shortcomings and offering to regain control of its identity. Here, leave out the “like” references, this is not a celebrity match. profiles Many workers Emphasize increasingly widespread multi-occupation. Complex to value LinkedInBut a gold mine Polywork! If you haven’t been invited to join the stage yet, you still need to be patient and put yourself on the waiting list… 25,000 people to date!

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Imagined by Ben KieranA former designerApple, wants to deal with tractionsite Streaming Featuring video games among others. Like this monsterAmazon, the app allows you to broadcast live shows to friends and subscribers. In addition to allowing Lives, the app lets you stream the action to your computer screen or TV while you play video games. According to the company, its The following Different from other live streaming sites. Besides, Fox And Disney Both sit in the group The Streamers So its content can be used Fox And Disney Without copyright infringement, own rights. Fun and games are gaining popularity in the world – but will it succeed? traction?

What to See on IMDb
Tired of constantly searching for something to watch Netflix, longs for, Disney, HBO, Amazon Prime And the rest? IMDB Launched the app IMDb What to see, allowing users to play quick games to know exactly what they want to hear/see. The only catch? Only available in the US FireTV. We hope it crosses our borders soon!

Quebec Press Panorama-CinemaWith a mandate to promote film culture through a critical, essay and programmatic approach, it launched its online cinema. Panopticon, will be available from the end of April. This site offers works not shown in theaters or other distribution lists. His reason for being? Fund the restoration of films that are not yet available in digital ecosystems. You will find many pearls there!

Sapien Network
Decentralized social platform Sapien NetworkCommunity-driven, startups Republic of DAOs (Editor’s Note: If DAO Decentralized Autonomous Systemor decentralized autonomous bodies in French.) Its founder, Ankit BhatiaHe had revealed that its contents could be found as a version Reddit Supported by Blockchain. By connecting Blockchain For Web 3.0 technology, the new social network wants to establish a platform that is democratized, customizable and enriching for its users. They can be in control of their data, make contributions and manage their digital economies. Have I lost you?! The network has also created a unique non-fungible token, Sapien NFT Passport, allowing its holders to benefit from the many benefits of the digital ecosystem. The sale of passports started on March 23 for all those interested. otherwise, Sapien The world’s first digital sovereign nation linked citizenship to the popular passport. To know more, Click here!

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The application, created by invitation only, is a social network that caused a stir when it launched amid an epidemic due to its “select club” appearance. Paul Davison And Rohan Seth. Club House It allows users to chat in private rooms on various topics. Based on the popularity of podcasts, apps and messaging services where people exchange only voice notes, the principle of the app is based on the voice – a vector of emotions, nuances and empathy.

A site designed for celebrities and celebrities Peak It aims to give its users an opportunity to connect with their fans and their communities A safe place, without bullying. Public figures from the worlds of television, music and sports have the freedom to choose how, when and in what form they want to engage with them. Fan base. “Freemium” platform, Peak Allows fans to pay an amount to unlock premium content by purchasing virtual currency. Robux (Roblox) Thus, the talent keeps 100% of their earnings. Peak They want to connect their fans with their favorite celebrities while raising money for causes like American Red Cross, Habitat for HumanityAnd Global Gift Foundation.

While not all of the apps and platforms presented above are necessarily the same, many of them converge — not wanting to project a perfect image, going back to basics, not wanting to change the world and democratize things. , with a sense of community.