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Poker di passeur sloveni scarica migranti irregolari turchi a Trieste, TUTTI ARRESTATI

Slovenian passersby drop off Turkish illegal immigrants at Poker Trieste, all arrested

On the afternoon of 05.10.2021, agents of the Flying Squadron of the Trieste Police Headquarters, along with the staff of the Office of Public Detention and Public Assistance, repaired the Slovenian citizens. 89, or cl. 83, id cl. 94 and i. cl. 69 They were charged with aiding and abetting the illegal immigration of 5 irregular Turkish citizens.

The story stemmed from a report received from the local operations room that employees working at a local monitoring company had seen certain subjects getting out of the car with an olive color. With the Slovenian record plates, then walk away.

Volandi and the Flying Squadron immediately arrived at the scene to identify the cars, and shortly afterwards, two non-EU citizens of Turkish nationality were found ineligible to enter the same area.

Circumstances made it possible that the found immigrants were taken away along with three other irregular immigrants, who fled in one of the fleeing cars before police teams arrived, and the other three cars were followed back and forth by the specified vehicle used for the evacuation of the immigrants, probably signaling the presence of police patrols that way.

From the investigative investigations conducted, the immigrants, upon arrival in Slovenia, contacted passers-by to find out the cost of the illegal trip to Italy, each. 500.00 was agreed upon.

Four Slovenian citizens were arrested for the crime of aiding and abetting illegal immigration, aided by a team of intervening police headquarters, based on reconstruction by Flying Squadron personnel.

Upon completion of the formalities, the detainees were taken to a local jail held by the Trieste Public Prosecutor’s Office, which coordinates the investigation.

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