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Accounts & Credit Cards -

Accounts & Credit Cards –

Torque Has released another exciting update Data breach Appeared in the last few hours, examining the question of the login credentials of the accounts, or Username and password, In addition to data Credit cards, Tries to be somewhat reassuring about these things.

The company confirms that some data was leaked on the Internet, which apparently was “accessed by a company due to an error in changing a server configuration.” Third Party Ostyle“.

Twitch, the symbol of the stage

The data breach has been officially confirmed as news of the big hacker attack spread yesterday as the platform spread.

The updated news from the company has not yet shed much light on the incident, saying the teams are working hard Investigation Understand the whole question and the impact of this attack in detail. However, in the meantime Twitch was waiting for a clearer view and wanted to promise at least some features.

“Currently, we have no indication of that Login credentials Accounts have been exposed and we are continuing to investigate. “It’s a circumstantial sentence because the first information in this aspect always assures us that further inquiries are pending, although we believe that such data is indeed secure.

The situation before the credit card should be quiet: “i Integers Some credit cards are not saved by Twitch, so they may not be disclosed, ”the company explained at the end of the message.

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