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Silent Hill: Mysterious pictures removed in Konami - News

Silent Hill: Mysterious pictures removed in Konami – News

On his Twitter account, Dusk Golem, who frequently explores behind-the-scenes horror games, released the images on Friday, claiming they were from the Silent Hill in development. The chart, signed from October 2020, also features the signature of Masahiro Ito, art director of the first three chapters of history. We also see what a protagonist can look like in the dreams of a young man who has been abused.

According to the author of the leak, Sony will “get involved” in the Interactive Entertainment project and the latter will be the result of collaborations between several studios. What gives some credibility to these images is that the Twitter account of Dusk Kolam was attacked a few hours later. DMCA complaint From Konami.

Keep in mind that Konami will work with various partner studios to restore the color of Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania. As a reminder, the Konami E3 was considered before making important announcements in 2021 Confiscation.

In the case of Silent Hill, the evidence clearly indicates the beginning of several projects. In addition to what is mentioned in these films, the Polish studio Blooper Team (The Medium) will have for its part a remake of the very famous Silent Hill 2, with a plan of redesigned puzzles and new results if we believe. proof’s Jeff Group. Again, Sony Interactive Entertainment will be in it, leading to a temporary console exclusive to the PS5.