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Shroud games like STALKER were made with more enthusiasm than modern games -

Shroud games like STALKER were made with more enthusiasm than modern games –

According to Traction Star Michael ‘ShieldGames like ‘Grzeciek STALKER They showed more interest behind the growth than the current growth, and they look so cold to his eyes.

In response to a question asked by spectators as to whether they were waiting for any particular game, Schrt expressed his opinion, which in fact took a very common position among older players:A lot of the things I like are old. Everything coming out makes me a little excited. The New games They don’t attack me like they used to … They were done with great enthusiasm, weren’t they? Whoever commanded was the one who played them.

They were part of the team, for which there was a great deal of interest behind their work. Code written side by side. It is no more. Now it works more than me Programmers ei Designer Geniuses are deceived because the one in charge tells them not to do this.

Then an observer asked him if he was alone Nostalgia, Replied that it was not, and could justify what he was saying by examining the design of individual games.

With this armor he does not want to say that he will not play anything new anymore, but he likes the games of the past and the projects associated with them. Call of Duty: Making a modern shooter like Black Ops Cold War, for example, is more expensive than spending time in the first Stalker, so investors demand more control over the natural product and try to attract the masses, removing all elements of the most controversial and complex

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