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Shooting stars will rain down on Germany: this is how you can marvel at Dragonites today

Shooting stars will rain down on Germany: this is how you can marvel at Dragonites today

The stars will fall from the night sky again in October. We explain where and when you can experience Dragonite shooting star nights.

Munich – Shooting stars have always fascinated people. Shooting stars have nothing to do with bringing luck and fulfilling desires. They are rarely seen by the human eye, but are likely to catch a star again in October. The so-called Dragonites can be seen from October 6 to 10 every year. So this year too.

Dragonite shooting star night: where and when to look

Meteor showers are best observed from October 7 to 9 this year. Shooting stars are best seen in the Northern Hemisphere, especially on October 8 and 9 at Dragonits altitude. This means that the landscape can also be found in Germany. In Germany, it is said that ten shooting stars rain from the sky every hour.

In October, Dragonite shooting stars can be seen in the night sky.

Matthias Polk / DBA

Unlike other meteor showers, dragonites are clearly visible after sunset because the radiation is already high in the sky. Radeon describes the apparent appearance of falling stars.

Dragonite shooting stars: origin and dragon galaxy

This point in the sky is for the dragonites in the dragon galaxy. It can be found in the northern sky near the well-known “little bear” (also colloquially known as the “little wagon”). Most shooting stars come from the two brightest stars in the galaxy, Etamine and Alvite, which form the head of the dragon. Hence the name called meteor shower.

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The actual origin of small extraterrestrial rocks and dust particles is the comet 21P / Geogopini-Zinner. During the period from October 6 to 10, the Earth Comet will pass through the orbit of 21b / Geogopini-Zinner, whose fragments will then burn up as stars in the atmosphere.

Tips for Dragonite Shooting Star Night:

  • Look for a place with little light, at best, you have a clear view of the radiation (transparent appearance).
  • Allow 15 to 20 minutes for your eyes to darken.
  • please verify Weather report. When the weather is cloudy, it is difficult to shoot the stars. If necessary, take a warm blanket with you.
  • Take a comfortable lying or sitting position. Sometimes shooting stars come a long way. It is best to lie on your back to get the best view of the sky.

Shooting Stars 2021: This meteor shower follows the Dragonites

In the second half of October, the Orionites follow the Dragonites. They operate in the first week of October and November each year. At this time, the Earth passes through the orbit of Halley’s Comet, whose fragments burn like stars in the atmosphere. Most of the shooting stars will be on October 20th, 21st and 22nd every year. Orionites are named after the galaxy Orion because this is where the radian of the meteor shower is located.

Other than Dragonites and Orionites, other shooting star nights can be seen in late 2021. Leonids in November (maximum: November 17) and December in Geminits (peak: December 13) and Urchits (maximum: December 22). So there are still some ways to find a shooting star and create an option. (jsch)

List of rubric lists: © Matthias Polk / DPA

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