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Shadow Warrior 3 - The new video shows what to expect in the "Enemy Showcase"

Shadow Warrior 3 – The new video shows what to expect in the “Enemy Showcase”

Adventure Team Flying Wild Hawk And scary publisher Digital return There is also a new video Shadow Warrior3 Revealed: Enemy Showcase.

Shadow Warrior 3 precedes the series’ popular hits with original designs, awkward attacks and beautiful splash animations. The new “Enemy Showcase” video draws attention to some new additions to the beautiful enemy review that Lo Wang has to face. There is also an insight into unique attacks; At ground level, in the air and even underground (as in Low Wong’s joke).

Shadow Warrior 3 presents Lo Wang and his former boss Orochi Zilla, who has become an enemy and ally. Together they do a wonderful mission to capture an ancient dragon that they previously unwittingly freed from its eternal captivity. Armed with a ruthless combination of knives and bullets, Lo Wang must find the dark beast and traverse some previously unexplored parts of the world to reverse the catastrophe. All he needs is a mask of the dead god, a dragon egg, a touch of magic and enough firepower to cut down the invading Shadowlands.

Shadow Warrior 3 will be available for PC and consoles later this year.

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