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SF Codes 3 and its 600 new icons are no longer in beta

SF Codes 3 and its 600 new icons are no longer in beta

Apple has made the final SF Codes 3Annual update of its icon pack that developers can use in their applications. This year, the company added less than 600 new icons, including representations of each Apple device and health-related icons, including a mask. These items can be used in apps from iOS 15, WatchOS 8 and MacOS 12.

This year a very small fraction of the 600 icons are included in the SF icons.

The other big novelty is about the colors. Until then, developers could paint these icons with the same color, but now it is possible to use multiple colors for one icon. It will brighten the interfaces of applications based on these icons and until then monochromatic. Again, the latest versions of Apple’s operating systems are required.

Here are some examples of what can be achieved with the new multi-colorization of logos.

SF Icons is a MacOS app that lets you look at a list of icons and find one. A proposed upgrade At the bottom of this page Adds options for coloring icons and integrates the innovations of the year. Allow 207MB to download and requires at least macOS Catalina.

This app does not have an automatic update solution, so you will need to download a new copy every year and change the app on your Mac. This also applies to the internal fonts of Apple, San Francisco and New York. They were updated, report Apple employee on TwitterBut you have to download newer versions At this address. The only positive point is, the company offers an installation tool that automatically replaces older versions, but there is no way to know if the copy installed on the Mac has been updated.

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One of the variations of the San Francisco font created by Apple.