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"Grotesque": "eFootball 2022" causes outrage among athletes

“Grotesque”: “eFootball 2022” causes outrage among athletes

Konami booth at the Tokyo Game Show on September 30, 2021 (AFP / CHARLY TRIBALLEAU)

The new video game “eFootball 2022” is, according to its publisher, “marking a new era of virtual football” but is titled by many players as “terrible” and disappointing maneuver (“game”). Bad start.

Developed by Japanese publisher Konami, the game is the latest in its ownership of Pro Game Evolution Soccer (“Winning Eleven” in Japan), which has been in the video game landscape since 1995.

Also “PES” is the traditional competitor of the American electronic arts “Fifa”, with its new component “Fifa 22” coming out this Friday.

Free access since Thursday (“free to play”) is available on new generation consoles and soon on smartphones, in a dual attempt to reach as many players as possible, however, eFootball quickly provoked angry reactions on social networks.

“Konami, you shouldn’t have posted this at this point. This is awful, so bad,” one Twitter user wrote, while others mocked the disgusting representations of stars Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo in the game.

The game has already received over 10,000 comments on Friday morning on the Steam gaming platform, of which only 9% are positive.

“It looks like Konami released the game without even making sure the basic quality criteria were met,” said AFP Sergan Toto of Kantan Games, an analytics firm based in Tokyo. It was released last year.

– A “quick” start –

“I tried it, it was really a parody of a football game,” he copes. “He’s so grumpy, his game is so bad, I think everyone in Konami knows it doesn’t work.”

According to him, the release was a sign of “speed”, “a sales team leading over the creative and technical groups”.

Konami, contacted by AFP, was not immediately available for comment.

The choice to switch to the free model was a good decision, according to Mr Toto, because “FIFA has been very successful in recent years” and Konami “has to do something tough”.

“But if you want to compete with FIFA, you can not offer a product like that. It’s like offering a McDonald’s menu and trying to compete with a star – studded restaurant,” he said.

On the contrary, David Gibson of Astris Advisory, a consulting firm, thinks that despite the bad start, eFootball will still be a success.

“There’s a lot to edit, but it’s fixable,” he said. But “like you have to make some tough decisions” like temporarily withdrawing the game for “six to twelve months.” An eternity in the world of professional football, and sport.

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