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Seven Nights - Time Wonder

Seven Nights – Time Wonder

Many people associate NetMorph with mobile games because these are the topics they have been producing and developing over the last decade. However, in March of this year The South Korean-based company has announced it will be working on the first game for home consoles.

More precisely, NetMorph’s first console games Seven Knights – Time Wanderer –, And revealed earlier this year that Nintendo was in development for the Switch. As expected from a game released on a console, Seven Knights – Time Wanderer – The Nintendo Switch will feature optimal controls, which will give players an even better experience.

Although the teaser trailer did not show any games, Netflix confirmed that the game is real-time, turn-based RPG Seven Nights Mobile. The developer did not give us an official release date for the upcoming title, but they promised that it would be soon after a while.

Netmorph has just released a new gameplay trailer Seven Knights – Time Wanderer –, Gives players a better idea of ​​what to expect from the upcoming RPG title, as well as the opportunity to reveal that the Nintendo Switch on game will be released digitally. Thursday, November 5th.

The developer has not yet revealed new information about the game, as they also mention pre-orders for it Seven Knights – Time Wanderer – Opening next week – in Thursday, October 29th, To be more precise – via Eshop and their official website.

Speaking of which, Netmorph has also recently updated its official website Seven Knights – Time Wanderer –, So you can find more information about the characters and new pictures there, you can visit the site Click here.

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Seven knightsTime Wanderer – Focuses on the story of Vanessa, the eighth member of the Seven Knights, who is equipped with the ultimate magical equipment, a sentimental clock called Sandy. After falling into the twists and turns of space and time, she embarks on a journey back home safely, where the original characters Seven knights‘The mobile version will join them as a party member in this real-time, method-oriented, war-based adventure.

Seven Knights – Time Wanderer – Nintendo is expected to release the switch-on Thursday, November 5th.