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Server problems yesterday, Vampire today [Update]

Server problems yesterday, Vampire today [Update]

Notice: The leak again is correct. It will be from today until Friday at 5 p.m. Vampire hosted at Epic Games Store.

Seven games have already been offered as Epic Free Games and Game Number 8 is in the opening modules today. Epic had a server problem again yesterday.

Epic Game: Vampire from 5pm?

Even at the start of the Epic Free Games campaign and winter sales, Epic had long-standing server issues, which had a negative effect not only on store availability but also on the use of the Epic Games launcher. The server crashed again yesterday afternoon to evening. “Internet crashes currently affect the Epic Games Store and affect logins, library, purchases, etc.,” Epic said. After a few hours the problems were reported to be resolved. If you still have problems with the Epic Games Store, you may need to close the launcher and restart it.

The failure of the Amazon data center in the United States was the cause of the problems, so that Amazon Internet services soon encountered the next problems. It also affected Fort Knight, Rocket League and New World. Also it directly affected epic exclusive games like Final Fantasy 7 remake, which could not be officially played.

In the new 24 hour series of free games, Game Number 8 starts today, Shenmu 3, Neon Abyss, Remnant from the Ashes, Ethan Carter’s Disappearance, Loop Hero, Second Destruction and, from yesterday, Eden to Zero Road last year. There must be a leak, Not based on the previously frequently quoted French liqueur, Continue to vote, Dontnot has an interesting title from 2018 available with Vampyr from 5pm. A good 11,700 steam reviews received 75 percent approval.

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Want to be a free game of Vampyr? Use the feedback function to let us know what you think.

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