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Sean and Marne. A new app to find out everything about the village of Mainzi

Mainzi’s new application can be downloaded on smartphones (© La Rep 77)

Town Hall Primary Reveals his newness Application, Panel pocket.

Events, events in the city since last June, Information Network cuts, road works or weather warnings.

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“The municipality wants to communicate with its citizens in as many different media as possible to reach as many people as possible,” explains Deputy Mayor Eric Bodinier, who is in charge of communications. We decided to set up this free application that can be installed on all Smartphones Android or IOS. It allows citizens to provide information and generate alerts. Actually, this is a digital sign you can find in the center of the village, but it fits in your pocket. “

This application, which has already been used by many municipalities in France, is cheap for the city. The ‘Subscription It costs about 200 euros a year.

“There are a lot of municipalities that use this app, which is intuitive and very easy to use,” says the elected official. In addition, it’s free for users and all you have to do is bookmark the city you want to follow. There will be two reading levels, information and warning, which will have a different scenario. We have dedicated 3 people to watch it. They will have access to keep the information. “

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Town Hall wants to inform its citizens with all possible tools such as paper magazine, website and now this application.

Download Tamil

“Associations can make a request to the town hall to get in touch about an event and then spread this information to everyone immediately,” says Eric Boutinier. Text with large print and few lines is very readable. If you have details to place, you can place a redirect link to a website. The goal is not to put too much information. We like to target related topics, we have released 5 or 6 since the end of June, so far there are 85 downloads and we will be satisfied once we reach 200 or 300 installations. It would be so much better already! “

For Download Tamil In this application, you need to type PanelPocket in your smartphone store and then type the postcode to find the desired city. For PCs, go to

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