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Scientists have caught a meteorite much older than Earth

Scientists have caught a meteorite much older than Earth

A recent scientific study is coming Witness a great discovery. A team of celestial body hunters was able to get their hands on the oldest meteorite ever to be discovered.

Incredibly old body

Coming from the discovered object Of a small protoplanet (Planet at the time of creation), measuring a hundred kilometers, which would have been born at the dawn of the first million years of our solar system. This means it will be older than our earth.

According to Jean-Alex Alex Barrett, one of the scientists behind the discovery, the celestial body collided with the Earth. “Thanks for the opportunity of orbits“, A hundred years ago. The meteorite probably did 4 billion 565 million years of travel, From its crystallization, before finally setting foot in our soil.

The celestial body was found in the center of the Sahara, southwest of Algeria. The object got its name from the area where the discoveries took place in May 2020: Very Sec 002. Officially, the meteorite will be divided into 43 pieces. Large pieces can be “as big as a fist”.

The material has a brown surface, while its interior is green. Anyway, the meteorite has a lot to say about the protoplanets we have and will have Disappeared before the creation of our planet.

A meteorite with exceptional rarity

Erk Chech 002 is a celestial body of very rare nature. Of the 65,000 meteorites already listed, this piece is one 4000 “Different thing”. Of these 4000 objects, 95% came from two different asteroids, which makes up the remaining 5% of this new celestial body.

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The protoplanet, part of which may have been absorbed by a terrestrial planet, or simply drilled with a malfunction. The first scientific theories that attempt to explain the existence of this body on our planet, level The real mix of circumstances.

This protoplanet crust was born from a volcanic eruption. It will then solidify and will not have time to return to its original shape because it will be torn from its body for unknown reasons. That is the only explanation the researchers found The rock would have been brutally expelled In the frozen place, then the material is cooled.

By the end, we know it. The small asteroid is said to have come a long way and interrupted its orbit. Exposed to the sun’s rays, Erk Chech 002 will finally be around for many, many years before Land on our beautiful planet.