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DL Sostechni, All Activities: Documentation Here

DL Sostechni, All Activities: Documentation Here

The green light for help has come: refreshment for businesses and the self-employed, prolonging redundancy funds and preventing redundancies, postponing tax deadlines and the finance and vaccination program for health.

After a series of postponements and long draws on the majority over the repeal of the old tax bills, the government has introduced the Sostechni Order, which has an additional deficit of $ 32 billion already approved. The new intervention will be funded in April with additional demands for a budget variation.

“This is a 32 billion move, which is still partial and will be adjusted with the new deviation with Def in April. This intervention is a first step and a second necessity will be needed,” Prime Minister Mario Draghi promised, explaining that the size of the additional deficit would be defined based on the evolution of the epidemic. An agreement was reached on the removal of the old tax bills, which stalled a debate and adjourned the government meeting for more than three hours.

Democrats and especially Liu opposed a general apology, but Leca and Forza Italia have raised their legs. Matteo Salvini called on ministers and some Northern League economists from Giancarlo Giorgio to expand and expand the audience of beneficiaries, and to gather the support of Forza Italia and the majority of supporters of the 5 star movement.

In the end, the mediator found and offered to remove the old tax bills, handed over from 2000 to 31 December 2010, with an income ceiling of up to ஆயிரம் 5,000 and up to 30 30,000. Then, perhaps already on the parliamentary path of the mandate, as initially assumed, the term could continue to be extended until 2015. The agreement also provides for the initiation of tax collection reform.

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