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Samsung announces a UI 3.1 update - Samsung Global News Room

Samsung announces a UI 3.1 update – Samsung Global News Room

The new update brings selected features of the Galaxy S21 Series 5G to the Galaxy S20 Series, Galaxy Note 20 Series and Galaxy Z Series

Samsung’s One UI 3.1 update for select Galaxy smartphones will be available from February 18, 2021. The user interface previously used only on the Galaxy S21 Series 5G smartphones includes various camera features and many practical functions that make daily life easier for the users.

DM is the Chairman and Chairman of Samsung Electronics’ Mobile Communications Business. Roe says, “Our smartphones need to be constantly updated throughout their life cycle. “Following the announcement of the 3rd generation Android OS update, we would like to make sure that our Galaxy smartphones will be available as soon as they get many of the latest features – we are taking a big step in this regard with the One UI 3.1 update.”

Practical camera features make photos and videos shine

With One UI 3.1, users of the Galaxy S21 5G series can bring photos alive and videos almost professionally. Thanks to the update, users of other Galaxy models are now able to benefit from these functions.

Improved compared to previous software version Single take method1, Users can choose to record their special moment because they can record multiple photos and videos simultaneously with the help of a single example.

When the registration is complete, the new one arrives Destroyer for objects In the game, this is part of the update. With the help of practical tool, you can recover confusing parts of a photo without having to open additional image editing program. To remove an unwanted object, select it by tapping on it.

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An UI 3.1 is an adaptation Touch-autofocus And a Automatic exposure compensation2This allows users to adjust both the focus and brightness of their images. This will give you the best view of your snapshot. With a swipe left or right anywhere on the screen, users can adjust the brightness of the setting before taking a photo.

Performs a UI 3.1 Multi mic recording Ann. With this function, users in professional video mode can simultaneously record sound on their smartphone and via an integrated Bluetooth device such as the Galaxy Butts Pro, Butts Live or Butts +.3 Do. It gives them the opportunity to get creative and create beautiful looking videos. In this way, Volkers can create recordings that can be heard from a distance, or record their voices and instruments individually by interested musicians.

Users’ favorite posts and favorite moments are in the updated gallery2 It organizes videos and photos in a clean feed.

Practical activities that make daily life easier

In Settings, users can find Eye comfort function4 3.1 from a UI. This feature can automatically adjust the blue content of the display depending on the time of day. Warm tones help users fall asleep, for example. Users have the option to set up their smartphone so that it automatically adjusts the screen colors throughout the day or they can set the table themselves.

User privacy is very important to Samsung. A UI 3.1 makes it easy to properly control their sharing. For example, users may delete location information in photos in metadata before sharing. You have the option Private stock5 Control who can access sent content and for how long.

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The new One UI 3.1 allows convenient use of the Galaxy ecosystem on Galaxy devices. With a consistent interface, switching between a compatible smartphone and tablet is almost seamless. In Automatic device change6 The Galaxy Butts Pro, Butts Live and Butts + allow the sound to be played continuously when switching between Galaxy devices. When users watch videos, listen to a song or podcast on their smartphone, they can enjoy realistic sound thanks to 360 audio. All you have to do is connect your compatible smartphone and Galaxy Buds Pro to each other via Bluetooth.

More information about a UI is available here

1 Single tag photos and videos can take up to 15 seconds.
2 Functionality is available from a UI 3.0.
3 Available separately.
4 The eye comfort function should be turned off naturally and activated in the settings.
5 Private Share works with Galaxy smartphones with Android 10 or higher versions. It is necessary to send or receive a personal share link for the application download.
6 Requires the use of Galaxy smartphones and tablets compatible with Android 11 and One UI 3.1, the final devices must be registered in the same Samsung account.