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Salvini attacks Lamorges: he didn't do it, Letta: takes responsibility

Salvini attacks Lamorges: he didn’t do it, Letta: takes responsibility

“There is a bankruptcy management from all angles. The man who led the attack on the CGIL could not have been there. I do not think Minister Lamorgeis is in line with the situation,” said Matteo Salvini, who attacked Interior Minister Louisiana Lamorgiis and spoke out against the Green Pass. Letta responds: “Tool attacks, he spent days saying he didn’t know the matrix. Now he is trying to die for the responsibilities of Lamorges.

Before the new rules came into force Green Boss At work, the president of the association, Matteo Salvini, Returns to ask for free swaps for non-vaccinated: “We need to simplify life, not complicate it. This requirement was shared with Tracy. They need free tampons“, He asked the government on Radio 1 radio.Act with balance“. There’s more:”We need public knowledge, we need to manage public order sensibly, not like what happened last Saturday. We will help those who want to go to work tomorrow to go to work, said Grillo …“.

On top of that Opposition that do not Green Pass, Degenerating into violent clashes with police in Rome and the attack on the CGIL headquarters under the guidance of the far right, the Northern League leader pointed the finger at Interior Minister Louisiana Lamorgis: “If you are not the Home Minister, there is bankruptcy management from all angles and the man who led the attack on CGIL could not be there. No responsibilities are then assigned to collaborators. If I had been the Home Minister and if stupid and timeless criminals had attacked the CGIL I would have been discouraged in a moment and removed. I think Minister Lamorges is not in line with the situation“He said. Then finish saying at this moment.”The emergency is not the landing of the fascists, but the return to work“.

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Roy, Radio 1’s microphone speaker Enrico LettaCommented on what is happening these days. “I hope the country will not be paralyzed“He commented on the sieges and strikes announced tomorrow.”This would be a very serious responsibility of minorities who are not linked to real causes“, He added. Again:”Not getting vaccinated is not the real reason to block the country. We have all been vaccinated and it is not clear why those who do not want to be vaccinated can prevent the country“.

Government: Letta calls Salvini “irresponsible”, League tears for Orlando “serious”

He further added that the attacks on the Home Minister were:It is clear that there were flaws in the management of public order, but Meloni spent days claiming that the attacks were instrumental and that she did not know the Matrix. Now he is trying to place responsibilities on Lamorges. They all look like games on the skin of the country, we are not there“, He attacked the leader of the Italian brethren, Georgia Maloney.