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Safari Technology Preview 124 has been released for interested testers

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Applications » Safari Technology Preview 124 has been released for interested testers

Apple has released a new version of its experimental browser Safari Technology Preview for interested testers. Apple has been releasing this part of its browser for almost five years now. General beta testing of future versions of Safari based on Safari Technology Preview.

Apple has released a new version of its Safari testing branch called Safari Technology Preview. Safari Technology Preview 124 is now available for download and installation from the exclusive website.

Updating the Safari Technology Preview to version 124, Apple fixes various common improvements and fixes in the areas of Web Inspector, CSS, JavaScript, Web API, Rendering, Wheel Events, Web Driver, WebGL, WebRTC, WebCrypto and Scrolling. With Safari Technology Preview, Apple is running a long-running version of the permanent public beta test of Safari.
Safari Technology Preview has been distributed by Apple since 2016 to interested users.

Free trial of future versions of Safari

In the Safari Technology Preview, new features and functions will be implemented that will be integrated into the standard version of Safari on the Mac later. Users can test new features and at the same time send their comments to Apple so that problems are identified at an early stage.

Safari Technology Preview is free to use and does not require prior registration. At the same time, Safari Technology Preview does not replace the regular version of Safari on a Mac, but is installed in parallel. Safari Technology Preview is currently based on Safari 14, which is standardized under the MacOS Big Sur. Also all the details can be found in the download Related Website At Apple.

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