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Rumor: Nintendo accidentally leaked Android: Is Samus returning to the switch?

Rumor: Nintendo accidentally leaked Android: Is Samus returning to the switch?

Update: As shown in this tweet from ShineSparkers, the same image was used to show different games in the past Theoretically Operated on a switch, all are shared by the same manufacturer behind the meroid skin. This proves that the image is made in Photoshop, rather than a photo of any game running on the console.

Instead of a leak, it suggests that the whole situation is one of Nintendo’s oversight, which never thought to eliminate this third-party teasing before hosting images on its site.

Original article: Nintendo’s official website may have accidentally leaked the upcoming Metro title for the Nintendo Switch.

Discovered by a YouTube user Papagenos, A picture showing a Metro game being played on a switch console was uploaded on Nintendo’s site. This can be found on the product listing page ‘SuperMadroid Skin & Screen Protector Set’.

The film appears to show Metro: Samos Returns, redesigned Android II: Samus’ Earnings It was launched back in 2017 on 3DS. The on-scene display (Samus Returns’ opening cutscreen) seems to have been recreated to fit Switch’s larger, differently proportioned screen. As indicated This particular scene has been released in high resolution like this before.

Metro on the switch

Earlier this year, before any official announcement, Nintendo accidentally leaked Kirby Fighters 2 on its website. You usually wouldn’t expect Nintendo to leak its own games, maybe this is just another oversight?

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Of course, it is worth noting that this movie may be a movie made only to sell this screen protector product, and until Nintendo officially confirms that there are no other Android games on the switch, we should all be confident. However, it is strange that the product manufacturer chooses to use a screen from a 3DS game, isn’t it?

At least we have Android Prime 4. some times…