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Rumor has it that the new 2D game from the developers of Super Mario Odyssey will be announced by Nintendo soon

Rumor has it that the new 2D game from the developers of Super Mario Odyssey will be announced by Nintendo soon

This year, Donkey Celebrating its 40th year. Good age for the most famous monkey in the video game world, but Tonki Kong Country: With the tropical freeze he has not had a new adventure since 2014, Sent for replacement four years later. Still, Nintendo This furry hero may have big plans.

The rumor began a Tweet Videographer Lonely Cumba, Who insists on it Nintendo EPD, The team behind Super Mario Odyssey, is said to be developing a new game Donkey In 3D. The information is almost confirmed Nintendo Life, Which is based on a very reliable source, but this time it speaks2D (or 2.5D) title, On the nerve of the most popular topics of ownership. As if that weren’t enough, TheInternal Chippo, Is already in the form of many more Leaks, Confirms the rumora Donkey Created in 2D (he emphasizes this point) Nintendo EPD Tokyo. Retro Studios A reminder Is busy Metro Prime4, The Japanese manufacturer may have decided to make this title locally, however, this is not a continuation of the rights Donkey Kong Country, But like the characters Ditty, Cranky And this Kremlings They will come back. Even better, Chippo Rate it The title needs to be formalizedE3 2021, To begin by the end of the year.

If this is not enough to build trust for the fans, On the site D.K. Wine It also reveals the sounds of the corridors heard on his side, almost the same refrain. In 2017 or 2018, leadership growth will have begun Nintendo EPD Even though it is a new team established to realize games Donkey. Here again, The question of 2D or 3D is not clear, D.K. Wine If the information is too blurry, imagine because it might bea Sports Mixed. But this is not a 2D game Donkey Kong Country, There will be no subtitles in this opus.

As always, the tweezers are in order, Nintendo The existence of a new game has not yet been formalized Donkey, But with all these rumors coming together, there is hope. See you next monthE3 Find out if all of this is true or not. You can buy Tonki Kong Country: Tropical Freeze In 48.99 Amazon.

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