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Nearly 6 million households purchased a second console in 2020

Nintendo chairman Shundaro Furukawa revealed at a recent revenue conference that about 20% of the Switch family consoles sold last year were sold to homes they own. Already one. This represents about 6 million units.

Credit: Unsplash

Number of homes that want more than one Nintendo Switch Very important. Nintendo has announced that more than 20% of last year’s switch sales came from homes already owned by the console. Nintendo sold more than 28 million switch consoles last fiscal year, Bringing platform sales to 84.5 million. Of the 28 million consoles sold in 2020, Would have been purchased by customers who already had $ 6 million.

The company plans to sell 25.5 million Nintendo Switches in fiscal 2021, ending in March 2022. In doing so, the console will overtake the popular Wii, which is bulk 101 million sales before production stopped.

The Nintendo Switch is halfway through its life cycle

Furukawa has said on several occasions that the switch is halfway into its life cycle, so it is still a little too early for the console. Sales are expected to increase later this yearun remaster de The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword And remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Pokemon Legends: Arcius and Splatoon 3 set for 2022.

Nintendo expects to order multiple consoles in multiple homes, which is sure to happen Switch Pro. In fact, we imagine sales will explode once Nintendo unveils its future hybrid console, Its existence has been confirmed by the manufacturer of OLED screens. Also known as the Nintendo Super Switch, It is equipped with a 7 OLED screen made by Samsung, And benefits DLSS technology from Nvidia to display better graphics.

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It is difficult to predict when Nintendo will release this new version of the Nintendo Switch. It is unlikely that the current component shortage will delay its release to 2022.

Source: Nintendo