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Zwei Vehikel aus einem metallähnlichen Material stehen hintereinander auf einer rötlichen, strukturierten Oberfläche, auf der ihre jeweiligen Schatten zu sehen sind. (Imago /JinxLiwang)

Rover Jurong completes first voyage to Mars

Chinese rover Jurang completes his first voyage to Mars.

Its pictures have been spread on Rover’s social media account. The remote control vehicle descended from the curve of the loading capsule and rolled to the surface of Mars. The rover weighs 240 kilograms and is powered by solar energy. A week ago he landed on Mars with the landing unit of the spacecraft “Dianven-1”. He must explore the planet’s soil and atmosphere especially for traces of water and past life.

It was a huge success for China’s space program because no country had ever landed a rover on its first Mars. A video shows how this works.

Named after the Chinese fire god Jurong, he is said to have been exploring Mars for at least three months. Congratulations have already come from US Rover Perseverance and NASA. The two rovers do not meet on Mars, which is more than 2,000 kilometers away – diligently in the Jurong and Zesero valleys in the lowlands of Utopia and Planitia. In addition, the NASA Rover Curiosity has been on Mars since 2012. But it is still far away, in the gale abyss.

This news was broadcast on May 25, 2021 on the Deutschland Funk Nova Project.

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