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Round Up: Cats and Betrayal Nintendo's Indie World Showcase had great themes

Round Up: Cats and Betrayal Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase had great themes

Fluffy Cats !! All your friends are foreigners and they want to kill you. Adorable creatures !! Existential Horror. Has that indie-themed live emotional you? Yes, we too.

On the one hand, the switch comes with a full host: Calico Do you run a cat cafe (we believe cats tip is big) and Fisty-dust It’s about punching cats (but not you Further A cat, so that’s okay). Alpha: A wildlife record An animal rescue is an eco-friendly game set in a beautiful, sunny beach town, and Flower Kiply-SQ platform game about a teenage little adventurer.

But don’t let your safety down any further, unless you want to punch in the back. Treacherous games are the new heat, it would seem: in between, ah, Much Popular Among us And Werewolf-inspired Knosia, There are a lot of ways to suspect that all of your friends are secret monsters. Or not so secretive, depending on how well they lie.

There is a hand-drawn survival game, Garbage sailors – Nominally a game about cooperation – but anyone who has tried to do a team project knows that trusting others is dangerous. Can any of us believe again?

We also saw the old encounter with the new. Goofy drone-piloting game Cosmology Promises future adventures in space (with Bill Niger, for some reason), Yak Club Cyber ​​shadow Old school graphics and Metroid-Style shooter platform. Whether you yearn for the days of SNES gaming or can’t wait to shoot yourself to Mars with Elon Musk and Justin Bieber, there’s something for everyone!

If you want to stay where you are and adjust to the present, you can appreciate eco-minded people Alpha: A wildlife record Or fix the bug Hazel Sky, Both of which focus on the gradual improvement of where you already are and how to connect with the people and creatures that already live there.

There is an interesting duality between Discovering paradise – A game about jumping into someone else’s memories and parting with dusty nostalgia – and When there was a past, A game about a woman who has forgotten everything about her past, and how it really is Good Thing. Which is better: let go, or catch up? You will have to buy both to find the answer.

So, all in all: good news for cat-lovers, friend-traitors and fans of the future and the past. Bad news for those of us who believe in dog games. Ah well. We can always play Box! A little too much.