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Here's what radiation tracking looks like on a Super Nintendo

Here’s what radiation tracking looks like on a Super Nintendo

Many modern gaming PCs are not comfortable enough to handle radiation tracking, but 30-year-old Super Nintendo has been finding rays everywhere without missing a frame. Of course, it is not without the help of the developer Shironogo Labs, Which used the Homebrew cartridge expansion chip to provide super Nintendo ray detection capabilities.

Surprisingly, Super Nintendo (technically a Super Famicom) has not been modified for testing – except to remove its case to create space for cabling – the game cartridge. The game used for the Shironogo Labs test “a Worse Bachchinko Game “is found in a second-hand store. However, look at how Super Nintendo runs a game with real-time radiation tracking, even high-end PCs struggle. Notice the realistic shadows and reflections around moving areas.