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Xbox Game Boss and Steam Drop Empire will be 4 years old, will be a beta -

Here is the launch trailer live action –

There are still a few days to the introduction Age of Empires4 And the Xbox YouTube Channel Live-action release trailer.

Faced with various threats such as the Mongol army and the British navy, one of the commanders of the Delhi Sultanate is determined to lead his army, all with particularly appropriate epic sounds.

If you have not yet done so, we suggest you read our review of Franco Serino’s Age of Empires 4, in which he says: “Age of Empires IV is all the fan wants in the series: update the formula and without exaggerating the past, it delivers four memorable campaigns.” And is online to win millions of players.Moreover, it makes more use of unexpectedly well-crafted documentaries and its historical restructuring that allows much scalability.Everyone should appreciate them.The game, but the experts are still careful: they too will find bread for their teeth.Even the international press! Relick praised the boys’ new strategy.

Age of Empires 4 will be available starting Thursday October 28 On Steam, Windows Store and Xbox Game Pass for PC. The game reached the gold stage last week, meaning there will be no delay in the set release date.

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