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Ron Gilbert and DeVolver announce the return of the digital monkey island - News

Ron Gilbert and DeVolver announce the return of the digital monkey island – News

Released in 1990 and 1991, these two points & clicks are one of the biggest names in the genre for the Lucas Arts era or Lucasfilm games. AAA Games is back in the pre-business label with many Star Wars games (not to mention Indiana Jones in Bethesda) but this gave Ron Gilbert the green light to reunite with his off-beat Philippester universe. Two years in secret production and unannounced sites announced for 2022, Return to Monkey Island So it was created by Terrible Toybox Studios (Ron Gilbert has already released Thimbleweed Park) in association with Devolver Digital.

If Monkey Island ownership has a total of five games, Return to Monkey Island Poses himself as the true heir of The secret of Monkey Island And Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge, I.e. only episodes certified by Ron Gilbert, who left a promise that he would never take back Monkey Island again until his intellectual property was restored. “Not all games after Monkey Island 2 are in my Monkey Island universe“, Started the teacher in an interview from 2013.

For many, you understand that this day will be similar to the announcement of Monkey Island 3, especially with Dave Grossman (author), Michael Land (music) and Dominic Armado (voice of Kybrush Thripwood) party confirming parents. Missing Tim Schaffer, for contract reasons one can imagine. If it’s not mentioned in the announcement, then Rex Kroll (Little Big Planet, Drewway, Knights and Bikes) is none other than the art director of the project.

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