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Rockstar apologizes for release failure with a reward JPGAMES.DE

Rockstar apologizes for release failure with a reward JPGAMES.DE

Start Grand Theft Auto trilogy Nothing but success. Games have many bugs, and the PC version has very few A few days after its release, it could not be fully playedBecause the Rockstar Games launcher was offline. When he was online again, the GTA trilogy was offline.

As Rockstar Games, a company called Blissort, guarantees quality to many, Sorry Today yourself. Today they want to provide an update on “unexpected technical issues” that came to light during the release. In other words: you do not see it coming that way.

At least someone wants to convince us. “First of all, we sincerely apologize to everyone who got into trouble while playing the games,” the statement continued. The GTA series is very special to Rockstar and fans. There is no “condition to comply with our own standards” for the release of remasters.

But the progress is eye-catching. “We have ongoing plans to solve technical problems and improve every game in the future,” Rockstar promises. And with each update, the goal is to “achieve the quality you deserve.”

Sorry with a gift for the fans

There should be a first connection in the coming days. Nevertheless, fans hear “polite and polite discourse”, especially on social media. Members of the development team were persecuted there – of course it was not possible.

But Rockstar also sees mistakes. Classic versions of GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas will soon be added as a “bundle” back to PCs in the Rockstar Store. Before Older versions were removed from all stores. They only return to PCs and only to the Rockstar store – but at least. If you purchase the new trilogy by June 30, 2022 at the Rockstar Store, you will receive the old games for free.

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