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Robrock S7 test: Finally a robot vacuum cleaner washes as well as it absorbs

Robrock S7 test: Finally a robot vacuum cleaner washes as well as it absorbs

So the Robrook S7 is an aspiration … as long as you are patient! On hard ground, it does amazingly well and manages to remove all debris in steady mode (6 minutes 50 seconds) or maximum mode (5 minutes 11 seconds).

The best carpet, in the same observation, absorbs 98% of the debris in 4.50 minutes in S7 standard mode, all of which is absorbed in maximum mode in 5 minutes 10 seconds. In comparison, the Rowenta X-Florer Series60 No more than 64% of objects in the same test area can be swallowed.

Finally, on a thick carpet, our vacuum cleaners have a particularly twisted surface that will absorb 84% of the waste (in standard mode and maximum mode) for more than 7 minutes; Very corable delicious results.

If the RoboRock S7 defends itself in all types of soil, it will be very slow. We notice that it takes its time to follow the walls of the vacuum area before vacuuming the inside well.

Laundry capacity

Supplied with a mop and a water tray, this robot can remove dust trapped on the floor with a vibration system (up to 3000 vibrations per minute). To observe its effectiveness, we submitted to the protocol we use for robotic floor maps. To do this, we put the S7 in Deep mode, and we poured a lot of mess: a sugar drink, a mixture of water and carbon black, oil and lipstick. After doing two passes on the dirty area, we notice that the S7 manages all the stains except the lipstick. After the last pass, nothing is done, only this stain opposes him! Of these, RoboRock also makes robot maps in our comparison Hobot Liji688.

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